Join us in simple and empowering conversations to support MENSTRUAL LITERACY & CYCLE CHARTING FOR TEENS. A foundational workshop to explore & understand the rhythms and language of the menstrual cycle.

Period education is not menstrual education.

Menstrual health education is not Sex-Ed.

Sadly, currently at school menstrual education is not taught!

Mums book a spot for you and your daughter, who has already had her menarche (first period), to explore menstrual health and learn the language of the menstrual cycle. Empower your daughter to nourish her hormonal harmony as she matures into menstrual cyclical living.

Join us in simple and empowering conversations to support menstrual literacy and cycle charting for teens. A foundational workshop to explore and understand the rhythms, language and health of the menstrual cycle.

Period education is taught in general primary school puberty classes and retouched in high school during Sex-Ed classes. Unfortunately at either point they are taught about periods, not menstrual health and often by teachers (amazing as they are) who are not Menstrual Educators. This impacts our students negatively in their knowledge, confidence and holistic wellbeing. Read more.

Mums gift your daughter who has begun her menstrual journey the skills and confidence to understand the language of her body. 

In Part 1 of this workshop the girls learn about::

  • Menstruality the 5th Vital Sign of Life - exploring menstruality as a holistic biofeedback system that reflects your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Menstrual Cycle Literacy:

    • Unpacking the 4 holistic phases of the menstrual cycle - physical, mental, emotional, social and energetic. 

    • Empowering healthy menstrual cycle awareness - recognising health or dysfunction, how to communicate, when and where to seek help. 

    • Learn to chart your menstrual cycle by tracking - menstruation, ovulation, emotions, energy, sleep, mood, movement, body awareness, stress. 

    • Gather practical tools and tips to enable you to understand and work with your menstrual cycle.

  • How to use Cyclical Weaver’s Menstrual Lunar Chart

In Part 2 we invite deep connection, through a:

  • Sharing circle

  • Mother-Daughter honouring

To support your understanding and practice of menstrual health, we have provide pre and post mother support materials valued at $100:

  • Pre-Workshop Resources:

    • Introduction to Weaving the Red Thread - Amanda Trieger & Sahara Contempree, Naturopathic Menstruality Educators

    • Importance of Menstrual Health - video

  • Post Workshop Resources:

    • Charting Journal Video 

    • Menstrual Health Flow Chart - pdf

    • $60 Discount for the Cyclical Weaver’s After School Online Program

Menstrual Health Education is a life long gift of knowledge to support hormonal wellbeing and holistic health. We are excited to empower a generation of girls with menstrual cycle awareness and menstrual health.