Shine - Cyclical Skincare

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This cyclical skincare practice is crafted in alignment with the creative, expressive and celebrative energy of the Shine Phase within The Creative Cycle.

This is a gentle, guided skincare practice for you to do during your Pre-Ovulatory or Waning Moon Phase. This Practice is facilitated by Hart Skincare to nourish your mind & skin using cyclical skincare practices. Gift yourself the time to nourish your skin and your mind with gentle, cycle-focussed practices. Rejuvenate dry skin to feel more confident in your body.
Please prepare your space for the next 5 minutes to create your skin care practice. 

I hope this creates a spark within you to nourish your skin more deeply. 

Facilitator: Hart Cyclical Skincare

Time: 5minutes

Props: herbs, bowl of hot water, face cloths, towel, moisturiser/ facial oil & oil cleanser.
This class is recommended for: 

  • Shine Phase

  • Ovulatory Phase 

  • Gibbous Waxing Moon to Full Moon to Gibbous Waning Moon

  • Summer

  • Summer Solstice

  • Menstrual Cyclical Living

  • Adult Life Phase

  • Manifesting creativity and projects 

  • Enjoyment and celebration

  • Middle of the day

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