Cyclical Skin Care with Hart

This is a really beautiful introduction to what is cyclical skincare and how this is affecting you and  your skin, particularly throughout the different phases of your menstrual cycle. I'm going to be  diving in and explaining to you how your skin changes and the best ingredients to focus on during  each phase so that you can work with your skin as it's changing. Your skin can change quite  dramatically, or subtly, from one phase to the next and you might not be noticing, but this is just  bringing in a bit of presence and understanding to this topic. If you are not currently cycling with  the menstrual cycles, your skin is changing along with the seasons, the lunar cycle and according  to your current life stage. So, this information is potent whether you cycle or not. 

Enjoy your cyclical skin care practices. Read more here.

Hannah McGregor-Shenton